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The Human Ear
What is Presbycusis?
Types of Presbycusis

How can Presbycusis be prevented

How can Presbycusis be prevented?


There is no pinpointed cause of Presbycusis, but there are many factors that contribute to it, such as loud noise and aging.  One very important way of prevention, or chance reduction, is to avoid potentially loud situations.  Avoiding contact with loud noise such as gun shots, lawn mowers, loud music and large crowds can dramatically reduce a person's chances of hearing loss.  If you must be in one of these situations, it is advised that you used ear plugs.

There is no cure for Presbycusis, but there are ways of dealing with it.  The main thing is to try to catch it early to prevent it from getting progressively worse.  If hearing loss is mild to moderate, hearing aids can be used to restore hearing almost to normal.  If the condition is extreme, hearing aids may help, but normal hearing cannot really be restored.